What is an advertising/ promotional flag?

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In layman terms, these are one of the most effective forms of promotional banner that is used to promote a company, product or service. These flags may also be used to launch a new product or announce the beginning of a new event Automotive companies use these flags a lot to reach out to prospective customers when displaying their newly launched car models. In India, these flags are becoming a very popular method used by large corporations to promote their products and services along with other promotional outdoor display systems.
The popular product types in India are the Feather and Leaf flags which come with different options of base and stands. These stands make a huge impact, especially when it blows in the wind. Customer’s are easily attracted when the flags with appealing designs are used for promotion. These flags for are sold both in bulk quantities and as a single product, though bulk quantities carry a deep discount price.
The shape of the feather banners resembles the feather of a bird. These advertising flags, also called promotional flags come in various sizes, and with a couple different base options. The customer can choose from a water-fill base, iron tube cross base, chrome plated cross bas, black metal cross base.
The configuration does not affect the functioning of the flag, all of these feather flags blow perfcectly fine in the wind without falling over. The sizes available of the flags range from a little over 2 metres tall, and go up to almost 5 metres.
You can use these flags to create an ever-lasting impression with any of these promotional displays. Most of these flags used for advertising will definitiely grab the attention of prospective customers and passerbys. Buy multiple sets of flags and pool it up with other products offered to you exclusively by Grand Tambu, Pashupati Enterprises to create a unique promotional tool/ setup for your Company.
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What are some of the benefits of using these promotional flags?

  • Most of these feather flags are used outdoors to offer an appealing setup to the passersby.
  • Promotional flags can be used to advertise a new product/service or an upcoming event.
  • These flags stand out as compared to other advertising products as they are very tall; blow in the wind and catch the eye of the customer very easily.
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